Gut to Glow™
Gut to Glow™
Gut to Glow™
Gut to Glow™

Gut to Glow™

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120 capsules (30-day supply), per bottle. Take 4 capsules a day.

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Oxyceutics Gut to Glow Microbiome Beauty ComplexOxyceutics Gut to Glow Microbiome Beauty Complex

A Formulation that Works

Based on the science of the Gut-Skin Axis, doctor- developed Gut to Glow™  is formulated with four powerhouse ingredients to help you feel and look more vibrant.*

Lactobacillus reuteri LRDR™ 

Our proprietary LRDR™ strain of Lactobacillus reuteri provides an important microbe that the great majority are missing in their gut. This microbe not only resides in the colon but also the upper GI tract. Daily incorporation of L. reuteri LRDR™  helps you support gut health and gut balance.*

Marine Collagen

The highly concentrated marine collagen hydrolysates in Gut to Glow™ are especially enriched in the dipeptides shown to firm skin by supporting collagen density and skin moisture and elasticity. Improved texture and plumper looking skin are experienced.*

Oxyceutics Hyaluronic Acid
Hyaluronic Acid

Our Hyaluronic Acid taken orally supports skin hydration and the hyaluronic content in the dermal layer for smoother and more radiant skin. The appearance of fine lines and wrinkles is reduced.*


With antioxidant properties, Astaxanthin is the most potent carotenoid known, with as much as 100-fold greater antioxidative effect compared to beta carotene. It is believed to increase skin hydration, smooth fine lines, and reduce age spots.*

Benefits that speak for themselves...

Smooth Fine Lines*

Support Dermal Collagen*

Recapture Radiance*

Support Gut Balance*

Revolutionary Science Discovered by Dr. William Davis

Hi, I’m Dr. William Davis, a medical doctor, author, and passionate advocate of the power of the gut microbiome. My deep research into the science of beauty has reinforced how our outer glow certainly starts from within.

I advocate the restoration of genuine health, by starting with the foundation, addressing deficiencies, and supporting what our bodies used to produce.

Gut to Glow™ is a 4-in-1 supplement that I personally formulated. With the wonderful and broad health benefits of our LRDR™ super microbe, combined with additional key ingredients, it is designed to provide the skin benefits you seek and deserve.*
Dr. William Davis, MD

Customer Reviews

Based on 35 reviews
Vicki Orgill
Dec 2 I started

My nails just keep growing, I’m waiting for next level youthful skin

Toni Alexander
Gut To Glow! Is My New Go to For Anti-aging!

I cannot say enough about the best new product for Aging, or shall I say! Ant-aging. The Gut to Glow , not only makes skin look and feel hydrated, My tummy feels a lot more relaxed and relieved if you know what I mean! Thanks Doc, it's a keeper!

Hard to evaluate

Preamble: My wife and I, respectively in our early 70s and late 60s, have followed a rigorous but non-fanatical Paleo/keto type diet consistent with Dr. Davis’s Wheat Belly protocols for around 12 years now. We are constantly learning and tweaking, but those essentials have been fairly constant. More recently, on the order of the last two years, we have turned our explicit attention towards enhancing the gut biome. I found “Super Gut” interesting and inspiring, thus our deciding to try Gut to Glow. Given our good foundational diet and lifestyle we were not expecting miracles. Note: We had/have no symptoms that indicated that SIBO is an issue for either of us.

With all of that said, after trying GtG for two months we do not see much if any effect in our skin surfaces’ affect. At $100 per person per month (subscription price) we were hoping for more. We did start making yogurt using one of the capsules following the L. reuteri recipe from “Super Gut.” We have worked yogurt production and consumption into our routine, and will continue to do that. (Next up is experimenting in other cultural strains than L. reuteri for our yogurts.)

Bottom line: I like the theory and theory behind the Gut to Glow formulation. Am awaiting some evidence of results that are consistent with the theory.

Joy Somero
Love it!!

I make and eat the L Reuteri yogurt when I'm home. I won't miss a single day of the L Reuteri, so I take the Gut to Glow when I travel. I used to have to pack up my yogurt when I traveled. Now I don't have to do that and get the same results as the yogurt. My daughter takes the Gut to Glow because she doesn't like the yogurt.

Can't it just be the l-reuteri?

Would prefer this to be just the l-reuteri, as the astaxanthin and marine collagen made my skin itch like crazy. I already knew this about astaxanthin, but hoped when it was in a combination, I wouldn't have these effects. I'd forgotten I'd set up a recurring order so, having only had a few out of the initial tub, I received another tub sent to the UK. I was told I have to return the tub and pay for postage back to the US in order to have a refund :-(

Oxyceutics Microbiome Beauty Complex
Oxyceutics Microbiome Beauty Complex
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